This website has been set up to provide Orthopaedic surgeons with a number of service options to assist them in their workload and their research progression.

Implant design and analysis

Every orthopaedic surgeon has design ideas fuelled by clinical experience and case diversity. We offer a confidential, secure, independent service to analyse and test implant ideas and designs. This service is offered to all orthopaedic surgeon including human, small animal and equine.We take no part in production or marketing and protect your idea so you can develop and if wanted commercialise your idea. We have no affiliation to any orthopaedic supply companies. We have experienced orthopaedic biomedical engineers to analyse and test designs using material analysis, mechanical testing and computer aided analysis. These are high end engineering analysis protocols that will provide vital information on the recommended final product. The analysis is complemented with the final report by experienced engineers and surgeons. As you are the innovator you can decide what level of analysis you require from feedback from ideas on paper to full scale analysis, including prototype production.

Another allied aspect of the analysis is the verification of current orthopaedic implants. If an orthopaedic surgeon is not satisfied with an implant then we can provide material and mechanical analysis of the implant. This analysis can be then presented as a formal report. Of course all of these processes cost time and money and as we are independent there will be a charge for this service which will be costed on a case by case analysis. Please email your basic request to, we will then send you a form to fill out to work out exactly how you want to proceed and provide a disclaimer to protect your information. Please do not send all the information until we have all the paperwork complete.

Clinical Case analysis

Do you find you need a second pair of eyes to look at a complex orthopaedic case or advice on how to do deal with a complication. We offer this service to assist you in the decision making process. In the high flying business world, major decisions are often refereed to as 4 eye analysis. The decisions an orthopaedic surgeon makes are often high flying because the consequences of an error are often dire. Seek peace of mind and confidentially get a second opinion. Please fill out the data input in the box on the left request an online case review.

Veterinary Specialist Surgical Team

Experienced Specialist Veterinary Surgeon and Team can arrange a visit to your practice to carry out complex operations such as a total hip replacement.

Our chief surgeon Dr W McCartney MVB, Dipl ECVS, DSAS(Orth), PhD, MRCVS European Recognised Specialist in Small Animal Surgery and RCVS Recognised Specialist in Small Animal Orthopaedics has 20 years experience in total hip replacement surgery and orthopaedics/spinal surgery. Our team will provide everything for the operation including surgical disposables. Your own practice team will provide postoperative care and charge for anaesthesia, drugs, hospitilisation , drugs etc. this will increase your turnover and profile.

Our total hip replacements procedures cover all sizes from cats to small dogs to giant breed dogs. Femoral head and neck excision can be avoided. The best option is a total hip replacement.

A thorough preoperative assessment will be made before surgery to include a detailed questionnaire to be filled out by the referring veterinary surgeon and emailed along with a short video clip of the dog walking and X rays to us. Once all the details of the case have been checked then the dog or cat can be booked in for surgery. No consultation is required beforehand once the owners are satisfied to proceed. The dog or cat will have to be admitted 1 day before the operation.